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Gas, Boilers & Heating in North London

Residential and Commercial

Emergency Gas & Boiler repairs

Gas Checks & Certifications

Boiler / Heating repair & maintenance

Cooker and Boiler Servicing & installations

Power flushing

Radiators and Heating repair & maintenance

General home gas works


Clint Lane has 30 years experience in the plumbing and heating industry, and has worked for both commercial and domestic environments. He specializes in gas checks and certifications, boiler maintenance and repairs, and also works on larger plumbing and gas engineering projects.

Gas N8 does work in the business and private sector, and works for several estate agents, houseing co-ops, and with commercial landlords to provide a complete service.

Gas N8 is certified and authorized to conduct Commercial / landlord conformance inspections, annual Gas certifications, heating / boiler maintenance, and general plumbing, heating and Gas issues.